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What is St Giles Be Rewarded?

St Giles Be Rewarded is a truly unique hotel loyalty program that unites a variety of properties—including four- and five-star independent hotels and resorts—from around the world. St Giles Be Rewarded rewards you with exclusive membership privileges and points toward free hotel rooms for every dollar you spend at any participating St Giles Be Rewarded hotel worldwide. The St Giles Be Rewarded network includes many different brands and includes eclectic independent properties.

During an Eligible Stay at most hotels in the St Giles Be Rewarded network, Eligible Stay revenue includes room night fees paid by members to the hotels for all room nights booked directly with the hotel or through St Giles Be Rewarded booking channels. Please see the detailed St Giles Be Rewarded Member Terms and Conditions for more information.

Is there a fee to join St Giles Be Rewarded?

Membership in St Giles Be Rewarded is free. Simply join now by completing the online enrolment form and start enjoying exclusive member benefits.

What are the benefits of joining St Giles Be Rewarded?

As a member of St Giles Be Rewarded, you’ll earn points whenever you stay at a participating St Giles Be Rewarded hotel. Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards including complimentary hotel stays, frequent flyer miles, entertainment downloads, or charitable contributions. Members also enjoy exclusive offers from the hotels in our worldwide network such as rate discounts, vacation sweepstakes entries, and travel deals. For detailed reward information, visit the Member Benefits page.

What happens if I don't stay at a St Giles Be Rewarded hotel for a long period of time?

Members who do not earn points or have another transaction of any type within a consecutive 24-month period may be removed from the program. Prior to removal, points accrued can be redeemed for eligible St Giles Be Rewarded redemptions as Award Nights with partner hotels and with our other partners. If an account is closed due to inactivity, any remaining points may be forfeited. To reactivate your account, you must enroll again.

What is the difference between a "night" and a "stay"?

A "night" is considered one night spent at any of our hotels. A "stay" can consist of any number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of the frequency of checking in or out.

What is the definition of "eligible stay" and "eligible rate"?

An Eligible Stay is one or more consecutive nights spent at the same participating St Giles Be Rewarded property. An Eligible Rate includes most business and leisure rates. If you do not pay an Eligible Rate, your stay is not considered an Eligible Stay and will not count towards Orion or Centaurus tier stay requirements. In most of the cases, for a booking to be considered an Eligible Stay, you must book directly with the hotel or via St Giles Be Rewarded booking channels, such as this website or via customer service team. For more information, visit our Terms and Conditions.

What is the definition of "eligible" and "ineligible" charges?

Eligible Charges vary by hotel, but always include the Room Charge booked during an Eligible Stay. Ineligible Charges also vary by hotel. Ineligible charges usually include, but are not limited to, taxes, service charges, gratuities, parking, recreational charges, airline crew room charges, and third party room reservation charges. To see what charges are considered eligible or ineligible at a particular hotel, visit that hotel’s Details page.

How many St Giles Be Rewarded points will I earn when I stay?

St Giles Be Rewarded members earn 10 points for every eligible U.S. dollar (USD) spent at a participating hotel. Orion and Centaurus tier members receive bonus points and additional privileges (25% and 50%, respectively). For a full explanation of member and tier benefits, please visit the Membership Benefits page.

Can I earn points for more than one room during a Stay?

A Member may earn St Giles Be Rewarded points for up to three rooms per stay, if all eligible charges for each room are paid on one folio. Points will be earned for all eligible folio charges incurred on such rooms. Any bonus points issued on base points, including tier bonuses (25% or 50%, depending on Member tier) and bonus points from qualifying promotions will apply to the total base point credit earned for each room. For purposes of obtaining tier status, a Member may receive night credit on one room only.

Where can I find a hotel’s telephone number?

After you've booked a reservation, all of the hotel’s details, including telephone and email address, are provided in the online booking confirmation and in the reservation confirmation email. The contact information for each hotel is also available on the hotel details page for each hotel in the St Giles Be Rewarded network.

What does the room price mentioned in my room booking include?

Room prices typically include room changes based on the room type and any services taxes charged by the hotel. Taxes vary per hotel and room type selected. Any taxes included in the price are displayed separately from the room charges on the online booking confirmation and in the reservation confirmation email.

Where can I find directions to my hotel?

Use the "Hotel Map" feature on our website for a list of participating St Giles Be Rewarded hotels. This feature allows you to search by hotel, country, or city and view detailed directions to your hotel. The reservation confirmation email will also include a travel summary and hotel details. You may also want to visit which can provide detailed directions.

Does St Giles Be Rewarded match elite tier status from other hotel loyalty programs?

Yes, we do have an elite-tier matching policy. Please email us a scanned copy of your elite-tier membership card capture of the qualifying program’s website, displaying your elite-tier status, and we will be happy to provide you with a complimentary corresponding elite-status in St Giles Be Rewarded.
VOILÀ Orion CardOrion
10 nights
Centaurus CardCentaurus
20 nights
16 stays or 36 nights
28 stays or 60 nights
10 stays or 25 nights
25 stays or 50 nights
Starwood VIP
The invite only status given to hotel owners and the CEO of large companies which contract with SPG. Perks include a guaranteed suite 7 days prior to arrival and all types of perks the hotel will give in addition to the standard platinum benefits
5 stays or 15 nights 
25 stays or 50 nights
30 nights or 10,000 points
60 nights or 25,000 points
15 nights or 15,000 points
30 nights or 30,000 points
50 nights
75 nights
50 nights
75 nights
15 nights
35 nights
75 nights
15 nights or 20,000 points
+ 50 nights or 60,000 points
status is extended by invitation only to a small percentage of InterContinental Ambassador guests, based on the number of nights they have stayed during the past year.
20 nights
INR 25,000 ($469) in 60 days period
INR 200,000 (3752$) in 12 months
20 nights
40 nights
10 stays or 30 room nights during a calendar year.
15- 49 room nights during a calendar year.
10 stays or 30 room nights during a calendar year.


Can I share my card with someone else?

Every St Giles Be Rewarded membership is personalized, so it cannot be shared. If you’d like to transfer your points to a spouse or another member, please contact us.

When will my stay and points appear in my St Giles Be Rewarded account?

It typically takes 1-7 days after the date of check-out for a stay to post to your St Giles Be Rewarded account. In certain cases, there is a delay in the hotel transferring stay information. If you need additional assistance, please contact Customer Service or email

What if I accidentally enrolled in St Giles Be Rewarded more than once?

If you realize you’ve enrolled for more than one St Giles Be Rewarded account in your name, please contact Customer Service and we will assist you in merging your accounts.


Why haven’t I received my St Giles Be Rewarded membership card?

Your membership card and welcome materials will arrive within 4-6 weeks upon completion of a second night at a participating St Giles Be Rewarded hotel and confirmation of your mailing address. Please provide the account number you received during online enrolment for future reservations. If you enrolled at a hotel, please ask the front desk agent to provide a printout of your St Giles Be Rewarded account number. To ensure speedy delivery of your membership card, please confirm your email address and the mailing address listed in your account is correct. You can also print a temporary membership card and order a replacement card in the Your Account section of the website.

Why haven’t I been upgraded to the next tier?

St Giles Be Rewarded members have 12 consecutive months to earn the number of points required to upgrade their tier status. Once a new tier level is achieved, it must be maintained by earning the required number of points within a subsequent 12-month period to avoid being downgraded.


How do I receive credit for a missing hotel stay?

If you believe your account activity statement is inaccurate, please contact Customer Service or email


How often will I receive my St Giles Be Rewarded statement?

During the first week of each month, you’ll receive an email statement with an account summary. You can also track your point earnings and account information anytime by logging into Your Account.


Can I cancel a reservation online?

To cancel an existing reservation, visit Your Account and click on “Cancel Reservation” link. Cancellation policies vary by hotel. Typically, bookings can be changed or canceled up to 48 hours prior to arrival. Cancellations made within less than 48 hours may be subject to a “no show” fee. Please visit the hotel’s website for specific cancellation policies or contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

I’ve entered my credit card details. When will I get charged for my booking?

St Giles Be Rewarded does not make charges against your credit card for room bookings. The credit card information you provide to St Giles Be Rewarded during a booking is securely transmitted to the hotel, along with the details of your stay, and is used only to secure the room booking. Then, payment for your stay is processed directly by the hotel either during, or after, your stay. When you arrive at the hotel, if you prefer, you will have the opportunity to pay for your stay with another form of payment.

As an exception to this rule, the room you book may be an Advance Purchase rate. In this case, your credit card will be charged immediately. These rates will be clearly marked Advanced Purchase.

How can I be sure my room reservation is confirmed?

When you've successfully selected and completed the booking process through the St Giles Be Rewarded website, a confirmation page will appear. This page displays the details of your reservation including the confirmation number, check-in check-out dates, and breakdown of room charges, room type and your selected lodging preferences. You will also receive a detailed confirmation email containing your booking information and a copy of the reservation will be send to the hotel via secure channels. To access your booking confirmation information online, visit Your Account.

Do any St Giles Be Rewarded network hotels or hotel groups require deposits or advanced payments after booking?

At the current time, our partner hotels and hotel groups do not require deposits or advance payments. Should this change, it will be highlighted as a requirement for booking. For more information, please see the answer to the related question: "I’ve entered my credit card details. When will I get charged for my booking?"


When I will receive the bonus points from a recent promotion?

Every St Giles Be Rewarded promotion has a deadline and bonus points are typically credited to member’s accounts within 10 days of the promotion’s end. Most St Giles Be Rewarded promotions are between 3 to 4 months in duration. To be eligible, you’ll need to join the promotion and abide by the offer’s Terms and Conditions.


Is my online privacy protected?

St Giles Be Rewarded is committed to the highest level of privacy protection for all of our members. We have special programs and safeguards in place to ensure your safety, and your login is always executed through a secure connection. Additionally, St Giles Be Rewarded’s systems are PCI compliant and abide by the U.S.–European Union Safe Harbor Framework data privacy requirements. Please refer to and our Privacy Policy for details.

How do I change my profile, personal details, password, etc.?

Simply visit Your Account to securely change your profile, personal, and bank details. Should you require further assistance, please contact Customer Service or email


How many points do I need for an award night?

The best way to determine how many points are required for an Award Night at a particular hotel, visit and search for the hotel by name or brand. Enter the booking dates to check availability. Hover on the rate and the number of award points required will appear in a pop-up. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete your award reservation. For a general guideline of the number of points required for an Award Night, please see the Member Benefits section of the website.

Can I make an award night reservation without a credit card?

A valid credit card is needed to guarantee any reservation booked with a St Giles Be Rewarded hotel even if it is for an Award Night reservation. For Award Night reservations, the credit card will only be used as a guarantee. For more information, please see the answer to the related question: "I’ve entered my credit card details. When will I get charged for my booking?"


We have children. Can we get extra beds or make special arrangements?

To accommodate children or to request extra beds, make a request for an “Extra Bed” under “Lodging Preferences” during the online booking process. The cost of an extra bed is not included in the room reservation price, and depending on a particular hotel’s policies, you may be charged for this service upon check-out. We recommend you contact the hotel directly to determine any additional fees or to make special arrangements when traveling with children.

How do I know which amenities or features a hotel provides?

When booking a reservation, a list of the facilities available at a hotel is included. There is also the option to select additional amenities such as an extra bed, blanket, smoking/non smoking floor, newspaper, etc. to make your stay more comfortable.

Can I arrange in advance for a late check-out or early check-in?

The availability of these conveniences is based on your current membership tier and is at the hotel’s discretion. Orion and Centaurus enjoy both late check-outs and early check-ins as a benefit of membership, however – based on hotel occupancy and other factors – maybe be subject to availability.